Blue Ladybugs' Playground | 天藍瓢蟲的遊樂場

Blue Ladybugs' Playground | 天藍瓢蟲的遊樂場
Vera was playing iron on her desk without using an iron board. 
High temperature broke the table surface like many screaming mouths; Vera felt sorrow about her mistake.
Mommy got six sky blue ladybugs playing with "V E R A" and bringing the sunshine to cover her grief. 
Vera loves this "Ladybugs Playground" a lot. 
The new problem is how to convince her to use the full desk to do her homework. 
Made a mistake? Just find ways to turn it around. 

傷心不再,她愛極了這些新朋友。。。 新的問題是:這下她只肯繞著遊樂場做功課了...

zoe Lin