Happiness Drink | 幸福饮料

From the story, ‘Alice in Wonderland’: 
Alice’s height changed after she drank the bottled water. 

The height represents the way we see things. And the way we see things affects our thoughts and actions.  

For example, arrogance happens because an individual thinks that his or her way of seeing the thing is superior to everyone else. On the other hand, lack of self- confidence happens because of an individual not certain in the way he/she receive things. Both these spectrums lead to unhappy relationships in the long run.

What these arts promote are how we get true happiness. It is possible when we strive for a universal ‘height.' These elevations will associate with these nine ingredients in the bottle. The elements start with Love first which lays a foundation for the rest. The nine elements are linked to each other too: for example, it is impossible to have kindness without a peace mind. 

We love each other and all creatures. We are neither masters nor slaves in this planet. Our place in this world is temporary. 

 ‘Happiness Drink’ 靈感來自於愛麗絲喝了“Drink Me”的奇異水後, 身體變大又變小,所看的世界自然大不同。一個人眼界的高低直接影響其行為。人之所有自私,驕傲或自卑,都是出於看自己或他人的不同高度。而我相信,在宇宙中渺小的我們,其實都是等高的 。

在聖經裡面有一種特別的果子,我借來做果汁配方:仁愛、喜樂、和平、忍耐、恩慈、良善、信實、溫柔、節制。稱之為 ’幸福果汁’

相信每個人喝了,都會調整出一個相同的視點高度。 不自視過高或低,自愛也愛他人及宇宙所有的物種,知道自己不過是受造之物,短暫的停留於此,享受並感謝前人的努力成果,同時也願意為後來者做些什麼, 至少維持一個好的環境,自我節制,不無度的濫用濫殺 … 我相信這就是世界幸福的起源。-ZL

zoe Lin