About My SkyBase

The new world is yearning for citizens who possess solutions of global issues, respect basic human needs including cross cultural values and acquire multi – facet skills in both people management and technical skills. With this in mind, My SkyBase is founded on a belief that the starting point to be a global, responsible citizen is to first understand the language and culture, which are closely knit together. 

Our approach delightfully combines the elements of Chinese and art.  The goal is to build a stable foundation and love for the Chinese language and to ignite your imagination.  Generating fun while learning the language is also an essence of our approach.

The vision of My SkyBase is to harness and cultivate creativity and to appreciate the beauty of the Chinese language simultaneously. 


Core Values


Happily Explore Chinese Culture

Learn Chinese in fun and artist ways! 

Close to Natural

 Through observation to appreciate, respect and have passion to our natural

Foster Leadership Skills

foster creativity, collaboration, communication, problem-solving,  commitment/perseverance and responsibility through art.

About Founder

Zoe Lin/Besides interior design works, Zoe always has the passion for Chinese culture.  She thinks the rich culture is too good to be overlooked.  The founding of My SkyBase is an answer for this inner calling.  The complicated language seems like a barrier to understanding its culture. But she believes every Chinese character is a piece of art. It is something we can enjoy in our journey of exploration if the ‘recipe’ (class approach) well formulated.
Born in Taiwan, Mandarin is her mother tongue.  Zoe loves to read including Chinese dictionary since young!  Besides traditional Chinese characters, she learnt simplified characters during her decade-long stay in mainland China. Combining her gifts of creativity and Chinese inheritance, she loves to prepare cultural ‘bite-sized desert’ for people continuously.

For more information about Zoe, please visit www.zoelovesdesign.com 

Danny Lim/ Born in Singapore, Danny Lim worked overseas for 25 years in USA, Czech Republic and mainland China. He believes the interaction of cultures transcends boundaries and bring people together.   Nurturing others is also one of his passion.  Hence, investing and sharing these lessons in Skillshare is a rewarding experience.  
His award-winning operations background combining with Zoe’s creativity has led to this meticulously crafted contents.

For more information about Danny, please visit https://www.linkedin.com/in/dannylim1/